Uniting for Growth: Cannabis Corner Radio Highlights Networking, Education, and Advocacy at The Upcoming 2023 NECANN Hartford Conference

Welcome to the vibrant heart of the cannabis movement in New England! In the latest episode of Cannabis Corner Radio, we dove into an exhilarating discussion showcasing the intersection of community, education, and industry. Broadcasted from Downtown New Haven, the episode captures the spirit of cannabis culture and advocacy, as hosts Joel Chance, Duncan Markovich, and Lou Vega energetically steer conversations around the highly anticipated Necan conference. With a line-up of industry experts and a backdrop of legislative evolution, this session unpacks the potential impact of cannabis conventions and the significance of Connecticut’s maturing market. From heartwarming Mother’s Day anecdotes to the intricate dance of regulatory influence, we unpack the collective effort toward an inclusive and prosperous cannabis future. Join us as we explore the synergy of passion and progress within the cannabis community.

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