Better Ways – Wildflower 500 Honey


Better Ways Wildflower 500 is Full Spectrum locally sourced infused honey from Branford not even 2 miles away from our storefront.

Onsite surrounding the hives there are over 500 wildflower species that gives the bees access to a wide variety of pollen. This means a much fuller complex flavor of the honey but from a medicinal perspective the antihistamine coverage from so many different kinds of pollen is very powerful. The fact that it is also raw means it contains many healthy microbes and other phytonutrients linked to boosting immune function with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

This jar contains 500 mg of Full Spectrum hemp with each dose roughly 32.5 mg per tablespoon (1 serving).

With 500 mg and over 500 species of flowers you can see where the name Wildflower 500 came from.

Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy this amazing new product.

Wildflower 500:  COA