Facing the Future: Understanding Cannabis Gifting in Connecticut

At Better Ways CT, we’re keeping an eye on proposed changes to cannabis laws, particularly about gifting. We aim to provide a straightforward and no-nonsense look at what these changes could mean for cannabis users and the industry in our state.

A New Law on the Horizon

State lawmakers have come up with a proposal to stop people from giving cannabis as a gift. This would be a big change from the legalization process, which has been in place for the past year.

Cannabis Gifting and Its Importance

A lot of people, like Erin Doolittle who provides medical marijuana, see the gifting of cannabis as a vital part of the culture. Since legalization, gifting events have given people a platform to get what they need socially and health-wise.

We Need to Reflect On This New Direction

If the proposed law is approved, it could affect how we use and view cannabis. At Better Ways CT, we urge lawmakers to think about the potential impact. We understand the state’s interest in taxes. However, we also need to consider what this could mean for people who depend on receiving cannabis gifts for their treatment.

Making Cannabis Affordable To All

The reality is that not all can afford medical cannabis. The new law could make it even more difficult for people to get it. Therefore, we need to balance the needs of manufacturers, the state, and users.

Our Vision for Cannabis Gifting in Connecticut

Our aim at Better Ways CT is to create an environment where gifting cannabis is accepted and not deemed criminal. We want people to be able to give plant-based medication to others without fear.

We want to assure our community that we’re closely following these developments and will keep you updated. Understanding these changes is crucial to ensure responsible use of cannabis in Connecticut.

Read the NBC article and interview here.

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