Discover the Magic of Full Spectrum Hot Cocoa with Better Ways CT

Who can resist the allure of a warm comforting beverage during the cold, frosty months? Better Ways CT brings you an experience of serene warmth combined with the soothing benefits of cannabinoids. Our Full Spectrum Hot Cocoa, a specially crafted premium hot cocoa mix, is a little piece of heaven in a cup, a delightful blend of flavor, nutrition, and cannabinoid health.

Dive into a New World of Flavors

Forget every hot cocoa you’ve ever tasted; ours tells a different story entirely. We delightfully flavor our hot cocoa, skillfully masking the earthy aroma and taste commonly left behind by hemp and cannabis-derived products. Instead, our full spectrum hot cocoa leaves you with a rich flavor that follows with a short pleasant aftertaste, accentuating your brew of choice perfectly.

Don’t expect a calorie-loaded beverage. Our hot cocoa isn’t a cloyingly sweet hot chocolate. Instead, it presents a balanced but still incredibly rich flavor profile. You can quench your sweet tooth cravings by adjusting the sweetness to match your preference, proving we’ve got everyone covered!

Simple Preparation, Unforgettable Indulgence

Our hot cocoa mix comes in a convenient tin, containing 20 servings per container. Each serving boasts 25mg of full spectrum CBD. All you need is to add hot water or milk and enjoy! Getting creative with this cocoa mix opens up a whole world of beverage possibilities, from coffee mochas to smoothies – all testifying to the versatility and affinity of our blend.

Conscious Blend for Health and Comfort

Our Full Spectrum Hot Cocoa showcases an efficient breakdown, acting rapidly and staying active for hours. For example, when adding our mix to your morning coffee, you could potentially experience relief within 10 minutes, and feeling comforted for up to 4-5 hours. Our commitment to health and wellness means we’ve created a product that dissipates smoothly in aqueous solutions, ensuring none of those dreaded unblended clumps sitting at the bottom of your cup.

Unleash the Power of Cannabinoids

Every serving of our hot cocoa delivers 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, offering a myriad of potential health benefits. The entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD can promote overall well-being, enhancing relaxation and creating a sense of calm. Moreover, you can experience these benefits while enjoying a cup of our cocoa hot beverage, a delightful combination of relaxation and pleasure.

Order Now from Better Ways CT

We’re proud of our Full Spectrum Hot Cocoa and invite you to try it. So, why not order today? Better Ways CT promises to deliver a product that’s tasty, comforting, and healthy. Just what you need for those cold days and cool nights.

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