Better Ways CT: A Trailblazer in the Cannabis Industry

Located in the peaceful locale of Branford, Connecticut, Better Ways CT is more than just a cannabis store. It is a sanctuary for those seeking high-quality cannabis products accompanied by reliable guidance and support. Rooted in a strong purpose and led by passionate advocates for plant-based therapeutic solutions, Better Ways CT stands as a beacon of quality, safety, and education in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

On A Mission to Educate About Cannabis

Better Ways CT was founded in April 2019 after the U.S. Farm Bill was signed in December 2018. The founders, including owner Duncan Markovich, were keen on harnessing the potential of this newly legal plant. They launched Better Ways CT with a threefold commitment to high-quality products, comprehensive education on how cannabinoids affect our bodies, and creating a safe environment for patrons.

Duncan Markovich, the co-founder and owner of Better Ways CT, is transformative in his approach, consistently educating people about the substantial benefits of cannabis. A sense of immense responsibility accompanies the newfound legalization of cannabis, and Duncan seeks to wield this power wisely.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

The emphasis on quality and safety is not just prescriptive but permeates every phase of operation at Better Ways CT. Understanding the immigration of various fly-by-night companies in the unregulated market positing untrue claims was a primary concern. By adopting a wholly transparent approach from the start, Better Ways CT insulates its customers from the perils of the proliferating misinformation.

Better Ways CT engaged with state authorities and the local community right from the inception stage. We invited the fire marshal and town planners to ensure safety even before opening our doors. Each of our products comes with test results vouching for its quality and safety.

Crafting High-Quality Products

Steering away from CBD-laced junk food, Better Ways CT offers a variety of carefully crafted products. Our focus has always been centered on health and wellness. We consider global standards while deciding the nature and composition of our products. The store offers a rich assortment of items with clear labels – from tinctures, edible treats, to topicals, each designed and built from the ground up.

We’ve extended our focus beyond cannabis to topics that contribute to overall health such as memory, mood stabilization, focus, and gut health. Our broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products are developed with an understanding of the science behind the entourage effect. When used responsibly, these products may significantly improve the users’ quality of life.

A Focus on Local Relationships

Our range features many local producers’ CBD products, reflecting our commitment to bolstering the local cannabis industry. We even sourced the honey for our full-spectrum honey from a farm in Branford.

Better Ways CT: Pioneering a Healthier Future

Better Ways CT leads the cannabis industry in Connecticut with an unwavering commitment to providing premium products, educating customers, and fostering a safe, welcoming environment. We encourage everyone to explore the benefits of cannabis alongside traditional medical treatments. We’re committed to ushering in a healthier, more balanced future powered by the versatile cannabis plant. Our dream is for Better Ways CT to be the destination of choice for those embarking on their journey to wellness through cannabis.


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