Addressing Key Points on the Controversial Cannabis Gifting Gatherings Ban

At Better Ways CT, we are dedicated to making sense of the complex legislative challenges that surround the emerging cannabis industry in Connecticut. As experts in the field, we are concerned about the potential implications of the new bill that seeks to outlaw cannabis gifting gatherings. This article drills down into the details of this […]

Understanding Connecticut’s Proposed Cannabis Bill

At Better Ways CT, we feel it’s important to explain complicated subjects in a straightforward way. Let’s look at a new bill in Connecticut that may change how people give each other cannabis as gifts. This bill is drawing a lot of attention and we want to make it easy for you to understand. What’s […]

Facing the Future: Understanding Cannabis Gifting in Connecticut

At Better Ways CT, we’re keeping an eye on proposed changes to cannabis laws, particularly about gifting. We aim to provide a straightforward and no-nonsense look at what these changes could mean for cannabis users and the industry in our state. A New Law on the Horizon State lawmakers have come up with a proposal […]