A Pioneering Journey in Cannabis Therapeutics | The Falling Up Podcast with Duncan Markovich

Facing a health crisis, Duncan Markovich discovered the power of cannabis therapy. This event sparked his journey to open Better Ways CT, a one-stop shop for CBD cannabis therapy in Branford, CT.

From Health Crisis to Cannabis Cure

Duncan had a hard battle with opioid dependency after heart surgery. The experience opened his eyes to the health benefits of cannabis as an alternative treatment. This realization marked the start of his advocacy for cannabis therapy. Duncan’s passionate advocacy for cannabis turned into action with the opening of Better Ways CT. The store specializes in providing safe and high-quality CBD products for those seeking natural remedies. We provide an option for those looking for a natural alternative to dependence on harmful drugs.

Raising the Bar for Cannabis Products

At Better Ways CT, we offer more than just products. We give our customers trust and support in their health journey. Every interaction with us is a step towards better health. Apart from our store operations, we also work on raising awareness of cannabis therapy. We actively spread the word about the benefits of cannabis as part of both healing and recreation.

Duncan Markovich: Leading the Charge

As a champion for cannabis therapy, Duncan Markovich serves as a role model. His dedication and commitment make him a significant figure in cannabis advocacy. His story reflects Better Ways CT’s dedication to transforming lives through natural, CBD-based therapies.

To hear the full chat with Duncan Markovich on The Falling Up Podcast here!

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